Why An Automatic Car Wash Helps Maintain Your Car Better Than Hand Washing

When you buy a new car, you probably make a resolution that you'll take care of it with frequent washing. If you're like a lot of people, life just gets in the way and you gradually wash the car less often. One way to remedy the problem of not having time to wash your car, or if you simply hate the task, is to use an automated car wash on a regular basis. Here's why this could be a good idea.

An Automated Wash Is Quick

Your car goes from dirty to clean and dry in just a few minutes in an automated car wash with no labor on your part. You can easily fit this chore into the most busy schedules since you could go through the car wash on your way home from work or after grocery shopping. Kids usually think car washes are interesting and fun, so you won't have to worry about keeping them occupied and content through the short process. Washing your car regularly is important, and using an automated car wash ensures you'll get the job done like it needs to be.

Automatic Car Washes Use Less Water

While it may not seem possible that an automated car wash uses less water than manual washing when you see all the water spraying your car, it's true because the car wash recycles water. When you wash your car manually, you use a lot of water to get the soap rinsed off well. Even worse, the soap and dirty water flow into your yard or the street to empty into a local water supply. Taking your car to an automated car wash is friendlier to the environment since the water is filtered and recycled rather than being wasted.

There Is Less Risk Of Damage With An Automatic Wash

Car wash facilities are designed by professionals with safety of the cars and paint jobs in mind. They use pressurized water or brushes to gently clean the car so no scratches or damage is caused. The cleaning solution is rinsed thoroughly so no residue is left behind. While you may be gentle when you hand wash your car, you can cause damage without realizing it. If your car has dirt or sand on it, you can scratch the paint when you rub it with a sponge or cloth. The scratch may be small, but they build up over time. You want to avoid scratching your car, even if the scratches are small or shallow. They detract from the appearance and they can contribute to the formation of rust.

Using an automated car wash could be better for your car than washing it manually. It saves you from buying and storing car washing supplies, and most importantly, it makes it easy for you to wash your car on schedule to prolong its great looks and hold its resale value.

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