Upgrades For Your Truck Bed Liner

Pickup trucks are designed to be tough. These vehicles can navigate treacherous terrain, haul heavy loads, and transport passengers with ease. Many drivers opt to invest in a truck because of the versatility the open bed provides. A truck can transport not only people, but items loaded into the bed as well.

You don't want the loads that you transport regularly to cause any permanent damage to your truck. Exposed truck beds can sustain chipped paint, scratches, or begin to rust over time. A bed liner is a great solution to help you give your truck the protection it needs.

A basic bed liner will get the job done, but you can boost the performance of your bed liner by investing in some upgrades.

UV Protection

One of the upgrades that you should consider when investing in a bed liner for your truck is UV protection.

A truck's bed is exposed to the elements anytime the vehicle is not inside a garage or parking structure. The UV rays in sunlight can cause the materials used to line truck beds to fade over time. A faded bed liner can look dated.

Spend a little extra money and have your bed liner coated with a UV protection spray to avoid any potential fading in the future.

Protective Coating

Bed liners are designed to be tough, but they can become damaged over time. If you are planning to use your pickup truck to haul heavy items on a regular basis, you might want to consider upgrading your bed liner with a protective coating.

These coatings offer an additional level of protection against scratching, chipping, and drying that might compromise the quality of your bed liner. Significant and regular use can put a bed liner at greater risk of sustaining damage, so upgrading to a truck bed spray liner with a protective coating is advised if you plan to haul heavy loads often.


Most of the bed liners that you see are smooth. The smoothness is a result of the polyurethane used to create modern bed liners. While these liners can offer your truck the protection it needs, they can create a slippery surface inside the bed of your truck.

Upgrade your bed liner with a texture spray to  help you secure your cargo a lot better in the future. The texture spray gives your bed liner some traction, preventing items in the bed of the truck from slipping during transit. Contact a service, like Leer Accessory Truck Center, for more help.