Three Steps To Cleaning Up A Trashed Car

There are times where you may throw things inside of the backseat of your car and tell yourself that you will get it later. There are also times where you may spill a fast food drink and tell yourself that you will clean it up when you get home. For some people, the time to retrieve or clean up never comes, so the car eventually ends up in need of dire cleaning. If the interior of your car is out of control with clothing, personal items, garbage, and spills, you should take the time to get the car detailed. Here are a few ways to get your car back on track after it has been trashed. 

Remove everything out and put it inside of a box

Instead of cleaning out your car little by little, it is best to clean out the car by removing everything. Take anything that is on the floor, truck, and seats out and place it into the box. Take the box inside of your home and go through all of the items. Throw away the trash, place the clothing in the laundry, and sort through everything else. If you find things that belong in your car, leave it inside of the box until after your car gets detailed. 

Take inventory of any issues

With junk covering your car, it is easy to miss any issues that may crop up with the vehicle. Once everything has been removed from your vehicle, take inventory of the interior of your car. Write down any issues that you see, such as stains, discoloration, holes, burn marks, and any other problems. Determine what you need to do to take care of the issues to restore your car back into good condition. 

Get a professional detailing

If you are not sure just how much soda has been spilled or dirt has gotten into your car, it is best to get the car detailed by a professional. A good car detailing will clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle so that it can be restored back to clean status. The auto detailing company can go through and wipe down the interior of your car, plus vacuum the inside. The professional detailing will make your car look like new, which will give you a chance to start over in taking care of your car. After the car is detailed, add back the items that you need inside of your trunk and vow to keep your car clean. 

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